Monday, October 22, 2012

The Benefits of Sleep

Sunny days always fill me with joy and excitement. The smell of summer seems to move you into a place of play and fun. Kids exude this type of energy all year round.
Do you ever notice that as the sun sets earlier in the fall, so do our excitement levels? This is no coincidence. Our body naturally begins to change with the seasons. Children have the loving ability to play and play no matter what the sun is doing. But this is a very important time for our bodies to rest. As the sun sets earlier during the winter months so should our bodies. This is a great time to get that extra rest we keep hoping for.
Look at the bear as an example. The great bear lays into slumber for the full duration of winter and awakens with a new sense of energy and is revived, ready to take on new adventures. Our children can do the same.  If we could help our little ones and ourselves to get to bed maybe even just a half an hour earlier for the winter, the energy levels begin to rise during awakened hours. What if, every extra minute of sleep, could translate into an extra hour of energy. Just think of the reserve tank you would have by spring.
Sleep is the best time for your mind and body to really heal itself. You are able to process the activities and emotions of your day and move past them the next. This is very important for children since so many emotions are still so new for them. Processing and releasing emotions is one of the healthiest things you and your children could do for yourselves. The less anger, fear or sadness we hold onto, the healthier the mindset moving forward.
I ask you…what time would you like to go to bed?  Then strive to make that your bedtime at least three times a week. You may find that the shift in energy levels during the day, were the extra something you were missing.
Sweet Dreams!

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